Welcome Dr. Schoellmann

Welcome Dr. Schoellmann

Dr. Crystal Schoellmann

We’re pleased to welcome Dr. Crystal Schoellmann to the Research Boulevard Pet & Bird Hospital team!

Dr. Schoellmann is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin and received her DVM from the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. While at UT she studied abroad in Costa Rica and Ecuador and developed a passion for conservation medicine as well as working with exotic pets. She is particularly interested in birds and wildlife and has volunteered with several raptor rehabilitation centers in North Carolina.

In her spare time, Dr. Schoellmann enjoys reading, baking, singing, and throwing pottery. Her mini zoo at home consists of a Yorkie named Birdie, a cat named Finn, a bronze-winged pionus (a type of parrot) named Nigel, and two corn snakes named Puck and Juliet.

February is dental month!

We are running a special discount on all dental cleanings Grade 2 and above for the month of February. The cost will be $250 which is over $50 in discounts!

**Extractions and pain medication would be in addition to this cost**