Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Pet Tips

Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Pet Tips

Gobble Up these Thanksgiving Pet Tips

Another holiday season is here—which means you’ll want to start planning now for pet care during the festivities and feasting!

Boarding & Travel

Now is the time to make holiday boarding reservations for your pet—we still have some spots available but they’re going fast! RBPBH offers safe, clean, comfortable and veterinary-supervised accommodations for dogs, cats, birds, exotics and pocket pets. You can have peace of mind knowing that our experienced team will make sure they have plenty of individual attention and activity.

When you call for your reservation, that’s also the time to verify your pet has all the necessary vaccinations for boarding—and for travel if they’re going along for the ride. Our veterinarians can provide health and travel certificates, which are a good idea and might be required if you plan on taking your pet out of the state or country.

Turkey & Trimmings

Don’t be purr-suaded to give in to your pet’s begging for some of your holiday goodies. While bits of lean meat are fine, fatty skin, gravy, drippings and rich side dishes can cause pancreatitis and should be avoided.

The same is true of sweets and especially chocolate, which you probably know can be very toxic to pets. Xylitol, an artificial sweetener present in candies, some peanut butter and gum, can make your pet very sick. Other foods to be avoided include onion, garlic, shallots, raisins, nuts, mushrooms.

Finally, cats especially are attracted to the flowers, ribbons and sticks in centerpieces and decorations—make sure to keep them out of paw’s reach.
Need to make a boarding reservation or an appointment for vaccinations? Schedule your pet online through PetDesk or by calling us at (512) 402-7332.

February is dental month!

We are running a special discount on all dental cleanings Grade 2 and above for the month of February. The cost will be $250 which is over $50 in discounts!

**Extractions and pain medication would be in addition to this cost**