Pet Boarding

Your pet depends on you to take good care of them – even when you have to be out of town. Friends and neighbors may not have the experience or time to properly look after your pet, particularly for longer trips. So next time you have to leave your pet behind for awhile, leave your pet with the professionals at Research Pet & Bird Hospital.

We can board any pet from small to large: Small mammals, birds, cats, and dogs. If boarding your pet that is not a cat/dog, please bring their cage along as well. We are a Hospital as well so if your pet is not current on vaccination’s, we can get those updated for you!

Our facility specializes in care and overnight boarding that allows your pet to:

  • Avoid the stress of a long car or airplane ride
  • Receive more attention and supervision than if home alone most of the day (exercised 3 times each day)
  • Stay where he’s welcome (unlike many hotels)
  • Be monitored by staff trained to spot health problems.
  • We have blankets available, but encourage you to bring your pets bedding
  • We have a separate cat boarding
  • We follow owner’s instructions for feeding meals and treats and can accommodate special diets and medications
  • We provide full veterinary services: exams, vaccinations, dentistry, x-ray, ultrasound, and surgery as needed
  • Rates are calculated on a nightly basis and discounts are available for extended stays

It is a good idea to accustom your pet to longer kennel stays by first boarding her during a short trip, such as a weekend excursion. This allows you to work out any concerns before boarding your pet for an extended period.

When you arrive with your pet at the boarding facility, remind the staff about any medical or behavior problems your pet has; such as a history of epilepsy or fear of thunder. After the check-in process, hand your pet to a staff member, say good-bye, and leave. Avoid long, emotional partings, which may upset your pet. Finally, have a wonderful trip, knowing that your pet is in good hands and will be happy to see you when you return.

We require proof of current vaccinations to board. We also require a fecal examination once a year to ensure that boarding pets are free and clear of parasites.