Digital Radiography

Now, we can see the image in 6 seconds instead of waiting several minutes for the film to develop. No film and no chemicals are much better for the environment. Patients like the fact that we can be done quickly. A set of x-rays that used to take 20 minutes now takes only a few minutes.


Digital Dental Radiography

X-rays of the teeth are critical to the proper assessment of the health of the teeth. It is absolutely amazing to see what only the x-ray can tell us and to be able to treat otherwise hidden disease. This addition to the dental operatory has greatly advanced the quality of dental care we are able to provide. The detail is excellent and is useful even for very small pets in some cases.


Ultrasound is an imaging tool that allows us to peek into an organ or even an entire body cavity to examine not only the exterior, but the interior architecture as well. It is an important addition to the diagnostic tool chest.



Seeing is believing. We now have the equipment and technology to look down the windpipe, up the nose, into the bladder, or into the middle ear. In birds, endoscopy is used to examine the internal organs and detect or biopsy lesions.


Clotting Profiles

Hematology, Biochemical Profiles, and Electrolytes

In house diagnostic capabilities to find answers to your pet’s health problems immediately.

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