Pet Insurance Options

Pet Insurance Options | Research Boulevard Pet and Bird Hospital

We have insurance for ourselves, our cars and our homes, but what about for our beloved pets? They are an important part of your family and a member of your pack—if disasters occur, having your companion animal taken care of with pet insurance provides peace of mind. Proper coverage could save—and extend—the life of your pet.

There are many pet insurance companies available, and we encourage you to seek different options to find the best fit for you and your furry friend. Based on our experience, Research Boulevard Pet & Bird Hospital recommends Trupanion, Pets Best and Nationwide pet insurance.

Trupanion features:

  • 24/7 customer care
  • Direct veterinary payments whenever possible
  • One simple 90 percent coverage plan offered without confusing options

Pets Best features:

  • Fast claims, paid typically in five days or less
  • Flexible coverage with no age limits
  • Founded by a veterinarian

Nationwide features:

  • Wellness coverage, which gives cash back
  • Full dental coverage
  • Deep experience, as Nationwide was the first company to offer pet insurance in all of North America

For additional information and to compare more pet health insurance options, check out this handy tool!

February is dental month!

We are running a special discount on all dental cleanings Grade 2 and above for the month of February. The cost will be $250 which is over $50 in discounts!

**Extractions and pain medication would be in addition to this cost**