More Parasitic Worms!

More Parasitic Worms!

More Parasitic Worms!

Even though this month is technically just for heartworm, we don’t want to forget about any of the other parasites that commonly cause infections in pets, and potentially in people as well. 

Other parasitic worms that can be prevented by the noted medications we recommend (Sentinel, Heartgard, and Advantage Multi.) include: 

  • Roundworm – The most common of intestinal parasitic worms, which can cause pneumonia and intestinal obstruction. 
  • Hookworm – Often found in dirt where infected animals have been, these will remain in the skin and result in an irritating skin condition.  
  • Whipworms – Long lasting and difficult to detect, these can often cause significant damage to the gut. 
  • Tapeworms – Caused by ingesting infected animals, tapeworms will make a home in their new host’s intestine. 

If you would like to know more about any of these parasites, or think your pet may be experiencing symptoms, feel free to give us a call at 512-258-2577

February is dental month!

We are running a special discount on all dental cleanings Grade 2 and above for the month of February. The cost will be $250 which is over $50 in discounts!

**Extractions and pain medication would be in addition to this cost**