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Summer Pet Safety: Beware The Barbeque!


Some of the best things about summer are the eats and treats—barbeque, corn on the cob, fresh seasonal fruit. Go ahead and enjoy, but make sure you don’t share these goodies with your pet:

  • Bones and barbeque: Cooked animal bones splinter and can cause choking, internal punctures, gastrointestinal problems, and cracked teeth.
  • Grill fat traps are irresistible to many animals but consuming all that grease could bring on pancreatitis in your pet, so keep an eye on them.
  • Paws get burned when curious cats and dogs try batting a hot dog off the grill or jumping up to grab a bite of burger. Don’t leave your grill unattended!
  • Other summer foods to keep away from pets include avocado, grapes, chocolate, chives, garlic, raw eggs, and alcohol—including beer. All these foods can make pets very ill.
  • No gnawing on corn cobs! They can cause intestinal blockage.
  • Finally, keep a tight lid on the trashcan that contains food scraps, bones, used meat wrappers and aluminum foil.

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